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Deconstruction of building 637, McClellan AFB, California.
Recycling and green salvage has become the method of choice for the environmentally conscious.

Deconstruction is actually a new term to describe an old process – the selective dismantling or removal of materials from buildings before or instead of some elements of demolition. Deconstruction helps pay for itself by generating revenues and reducing landfill and disposal costs.

In contrast to demolition where buildings are knocked down and materials are either landfilled or recycled, deconstruction involves carefully taking apart portions of buildings or removing their contents with the primary goal of reuse in mind. Deconstruction can take place prior to standard demolition, be an integral part of demolition, or largely take the place of conventional building removal. It can be as simple as stripping out hardware or cabinetry (non-structural deconstruction) or as involved as manually taking apart the building frame (structural deconstruction).

Deconstruction of building 637, McClellan AFB, California.
Post-Auction Services knows that your time is money, and is experienced in both structural deconstruction and non-structural deconstruction (also called “soft-stripping”).

Benefits of Deconstruction:

  • Return on investment: Components within old buildings may still be valuable, sometimes more valuable than at the time the building was constructed. Post-Auction Services can help find avenues for resale at the highest return.
  • Environmentally friendly: Deconstruction gives materials new life, lowering the need for virgin resources.
  • Professional: All work is performed by trained, experienced professionals.
  • Efficient: Post-Auction Services knows that your time is money, so is ours! We do it right, and we do it quickly.