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Post-Auction Services provides full commercial, industrial, corporate, government, retail, manufacturing, and medical facility demolition, demolition contractor and demolition-related services.

Demolition of the aircraft engine test facility, McClellan AFB, California.

One of many buildings demolished and scrapped, Fulcrum Property
Triangle development area, West Sacramento, California.

Demolition services include:

  • Interior gutting, stripping/stripout and cleanout services.
  • Total plant, facility and building demolition and wrecking.
  • Selective demolition and dismantlement.
  • Concrete and steel demolition.
  • Foundation, slab and footing removal.
  • Technical and standard demolition services.

With Post-Auction Services you can expect:

  • Competitive, efficient demolition techniques.
  • Complete turnkey approach for all demolition operations for lower costs and shorter lead-times.
  • Projects are completed in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with governmental regulations.
  • Focus on success while ensuring a safe working environment for our employees and our work sites.

  • Demolition of building #628, McClellan AFB, California.
  • Innovative and creative solutions.
  • Superior service and satisfaction.
  • Quality.

Demolition is dangerous work, requiring highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. An untrained and inexperienced company can jeopardize your demolition project, costing you more money in the end.

Post-Auction Services performs each project with emphasis on safety, budget and client satisfaction.