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Plant & Facility Closure

Lennare Mare Island Naval Shipbuilding
Facility, Mare Island, Vallejo, California

Post-Auction Services works with you on the efficient closure of your facility while ensuring organization performance is maintained:

  • Customer Requirements Met
  • On-Time Closure
  • Within Budget Parameters
  • Without Work Stoppages/ Slowdown
  • Current Levels Product Quality/ Productivity/ Cost Effectiveness and Health and
  • Safety Maintained

Plant closures often represent unique opportunities to return former industrial properties to productive use. We provide our clients with practical, no-nonsense guidance based on tried and proven approaches used in other highly successful closures.

Post-Auction Services will ensure that all work is performed in accordance with the prepared plans while simultaneously pursuing innovative and cost-effective means of achieving the project objectives.

Lennare Mare Island Naval Shipbuilding Facility,
Mare Island, Vallejo, California

We Do It All

To meet the plant closing objective, we serve as a one-stop contact for many of the services you’ll need to close your facility:

  • Pre-closing issues
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Liquidation/disposition of excess inventory
  • Plant/facility closure
  • Asset recovery/investment recovery (surplus/used equipment sales)
  • Rigging
  • Deconstruction/dismantlement of buildings and industrial machinery
  • Shipping
  • Demolition
  • Safety and risk management issues
  • Salvage and selling of salvaged equipment into resale markets
  • Separation of materials for recycling
  • Recycling of scrap metal and construction debris

AGCO, Coldwater, Ohio

Privacy & Security

Never heard of Post-Auction Services before? It's no accident. Plant closures and downsizing can present unique security and publicity problems for corporations. The announcing and commencement of a plant closure or large-scale downsizing can result in unwanted attention from the local community or the media, even retaliation by a company's employee(s).

Post-Auction Services is experienced in discreet, low profile, operations.

For companies considering plant closures, they can rely on Post-Auction Services to undertake all services throughout the process.