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Ponderosa Products, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Post-Auction Services operates expert salvage and recycling contractor services nationwide.

Businesses and sectors that can benefit from our services include: demolition companies, utility companies, manufacturers, electricians, asset managers, company closures, computer and technology companies, mining operations, medical and pharmaceutical companies and many more.

Example Salvage Services:

  • Surplus equipment and material sales
  • Heavy equipment salvage
  • Investment recovery
  • Scrap steel and metal recycling and removal
  • Equipment salvage
  • Bricks and stone for architectural salvage
  • Reclaimed wood & wood salvage
  • Gut out, strip out
  • Concrete crushing & recycling
  • Professional rigging and trucking services

Post-Auction Services is able to provide you the highest price on your scrap metal and scrap assets including: ferrous scrap, non-ferrous scrap, auto scrap, steel scrap, industrial scrap, aluminum, copper, brass, alloys & exotic metals, rail and HMS, cast iron, used and obsolete equipment, steel tanks, steel silos, stainless steel, used chemical equipment, used process equipment, used industrial equipment, used manufacturing equipment and more.

A Win-Win Solution:

Post-Auction Services specializes in maximizing the value of the scrap metals / assets to offset the cost of the project. In some cases, projects can have a sufficient amount of scrap metal salvage and assets to offset the costs of the work, even create a positive net cash inflow. From single machine scrapping to entire plant cleanouts, we are able to assess a job to determine if it is possible to liquidate used/obsolete equipment and scrap materials into positive cash for our customer. This “scrap for services” model can be a winning situation for everyone.

Recycling concrete buildings into class 2 aggregate for reuse on-site,
McClellan AFB, California

Salvage Segregation - Recycling

Post-Auction Services is an expert in the deconstruction and salvage of buildings for reuse of building materials. Examples of services may include:

  • Materials sorted, processed, cut and stripped the materials to obtain the highest scrap metal prices.
  • Concrete debris crushed and sized to meet recycled aggregate specifications.
  • Process materials for reuse onsite.

The strategies used in recycling, redeploying and reselling of unused or obsolete assets have a direct effect on a company’s bottom line. Post-Auction Services’ professional and efficient salvage services are the right choice.